Change your Clocks, Change your Batteries 

The winter weather is coming, which means if you haven’t already, it’s time to heat your homes.

Bangor Fire Department’s Assistant chief has some safety tips for the colder months.

He said if you’re using an appliance, like a space heater or wood stove – make sure to read all the directions.

Also, with daylight savings time this weekend – it’s time to fall back and change those batteries.

Smoke detector batteries should be changed once a year and the some detector itself should be changed every 10 years

“Working smoke detectors is probably the most important thing. Test those working smoke detectors. Carbon monoxide detectors, make sure those are operating properly. There’s a test button on them. Heating appliances, doesn’t matter what they are – make sure they’re working properly. Make sure they are properly cleaned by professionals,” said Darrell Cyr, Assistant Fire Chief.

Cyr said if you think there is a problem with something like a furnace or chimney, call your local fire department.

They would rather be safe than sorry.