Beal College Starts New Programs 

Beal College in Bangor will now offer two new programs next year. The school will offer students a Human Resources Management Degree and a Gerontology Certificate Program. The college says the Gerontology program is a year long and is ideal for students already working with the elderly and who want to increase their skill sets.

The Human Resource Program leads to an Associate Degree, getting students ready to take entry level jobs in HR.

“But for retraining and upgrading in the skills that they already have so we’re expecting to have professionals who are already working in the elderly community or it’s just a social service community to ramp up their skills and maybe apply and then they could apply for different positions or at least enhance their pay,” said Allen Stehle, Beal College President.

“We are literally the oldest state in the nation now and having trained people come out of these programs to work with some of the agencies in the community is gonna be very very helpful,” said Bangor City Council Chair Nelson Durgin.

Classes for both programs begin in January of this year.