Spirit of Halloween Arrives at St. Joseph Hospital 

It’s been a spooktacular Halloween at St. Joseph Hospital in Bangor.

Dozens of people took part in the annual pumpkin and costume contest.

Some of them have been working for months to carve out their creations.

Prizes and pride were up for grabs for the winners.

Third place went to a display called Count Your Money Dracula by the Reimbursement Department.

The Emergency Department took second place with the Life in the E.D. after the Halloween Party.

And first prize went to Zombie Attack at St. Joseph Hospital.

It was put together by the Cardiopulmonary Care Unit.

Kassie Zeigler with St. Joseph Healthcare says, “The competition is definitely there but so is the team spirit. We pull together because we love each other it’s fun to party together and it’s Halloween and we’re all leaving here with a spirit of esprit de joie and it’s a nice way to celebrate together.

This year an honorable mention went out to the Skeleton Jack O’ Lantern by the Nutrition Services Department.

The Grim Reaper won the prize for the scariest costume, the most original costume prize went to the Hair-Raising Halloween couple and the judges’ favorite was handed out to the Super Hero Duo.

St. Joseph Halloween