EMMC Nurses Treat Woman on Plane 

On Wednesday night, 4 off-duty nurses from Eastern Maine Medical Center treated a patient 10,000 feet in the air.

They were flying from the Dominican Republic to Philadelphia, when they heard a call for help.

That’s when they sprang into action.

When the flight attendants aboard U.S. Airways 846 asked for help handling a medical emergency, they didn’t realize who was on board.

One of those nurses, Jerusha Rogers, said, “As soon as we heard that, the three of us looked at each other and were like, go!”

A woman was having trouble breathing, possibly suffering symptoms of a blood clot.

“So the four of us that were closet to the back quickly got there and we found a passenger who was barely breathing on her own,” said Sheila Toomey, a nurse from EMMC.

Using just a small medical kit on-board, they were able to start an IV. Finding a vein was no easy task during the fast and furious descent.

“We were about 10 minutes from landing, the runway was clear, and we were going to be making an emergent landing, which was very different. They don’t slow down. ”

The plane landed safely and the woman was transferred to local emergency care. Without their help, she may not have survived the flight.

Brenda Homested, a nurse manager, said, “I think this just shows that their commitment to their profession, not only is in these four walls, but also extends beyond that. They are very, very, committed nurses.”