It’s all about Retirement 


As part of my personal philosophy, I begin with the end in mind. Meaning, where am I hoping to be when things are over? What can I do to work towards that dream? What things work against me that I should try to avoid?

So as a financial advisor, it’s all about retirement. How can you be more cozy, more confident in your retirement? Here’s what one study found.

Happy with their income plan – Is it possible to be happy and confident with your retirement income plan? Yes, it is according to this survey almost 90% of those who worked with an advisor were not only happy but they were also confident in their plan. Only 44% of those without an advisor were happy or confident.

Understand their plan- Can you hope to understand this plan? All these numbers and all these various instruments? Yes, you can according to the survey. 86% of those with an advisor their retirement income plan where as those without an advisor less than half understood their income plan.

Having a plan important – Do you have a plan for income in retirement? Do you want a plan? More than half of the people surveyed would change advisors or get an advisor so they could have a written plan for their retirement income.

You handle your money and your future any way you want. But if this is important to you, change how you are doing things and give yourself an opportunity to be confident about your income.


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Marion Syversen, MBA
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