At Least Two People are Homeless After a Fire in Corinth 

Fire crews responded to a call Wednesday afternoon in Corinth after the homeowner came home and saw smoke.

Officials say it appears to have started in the back of the home, possibly near a furnace.

Four people lived there.

We’re told at least two are now homeless.

Two pets, a dog and snake were killed in the fire.

“Tough situation with this fire was that there was a major fire going on in Hampden at the same time and Glenburn, one of our automatic mutual aid departments, was committed to that scene in a couple of ways shapes and forms so we had to kinda take them out of the equation right off initially so we had to reach out a little bit further for some mutual aid,” said Chief Scott Bragdon, Corinth Fire Department.

Firefighters say they were able to save belongings from one room.