Healthy Halloween Tips 

While trick or treating  can be fun for kids, eating too many treats is not healthy.

“To a certain extent, candy is associated with Halloween at this point we want kids to have fun, so just trying to do it in a relatively responsible way, so they don’t eat excessive junk food, get excessive calories that will only potential hurt them later,” said EMMC Northeast Cardiology Doctor Alan Jansujwicz, M.D.

Cardiologist Jansujwicz also says to make sure to feed your kids a healthy meal before they go trick or treating.

He also says you should make candy plans with your kids like how many houses you are going to travel to, how much candy they’ll eat per day after Halloween, or even have them trade in their large bag of candy for some other treat.

He also warns grown-ups to avoid empty calories, excessive holiday snacking can lead to higher blood pressure and cholesterol.