Dream Factory Fulfilling Dream for Newport Girl 

Haley Grant, 4, loves to play with her toys.

” We try to keep her life as normal as possible. Try to let her be a 4-year-old,” said Christina Grant, Haley’s mom.

Look at Haley’s smiling face and you would never know the pain she is in.

” She will frequently dislocated her knees, her ankles, most recently her wrists are starting to dislocate,” explained Grant.

Haley suffers from Elhers Dalos, a rare connective tissue disorder.

” She has had six pneumonias in two years because her lungs have flopped over on each other. She’s had kidney stones already,” said Grant.

Like a lot of girls her age, Haley wants to be a princess. Thanks to Dream Factory, she’s getting that chance.

” She’s melted all of us. She’s wiggled her way into all of our hearts,” said Kelley Skillin-Smith, secretary of Dream Factory of Portland.

It’s a group that makes dreams come true for critically and chronically ill children.

” I wanted to go out and make a difference for those who walk in shoes that I can’t even comprehend,” said Skillin-Smith.

Dream Factory of Portland is sending Haley and her family to Disney World for a week.

Students in Gorham raised money that will pay for Haley to get a princess makeover while she’s at the theme park.

” It’s going to be a week of smiles, a week of no physical therapy, no blood draws, no doctors appointments, no hospitalizations,” said Grant.

The Grant family will head to Disney World on Sunday.

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