“Make a Wish” Grants Trip to Pittsfield Boy 

A Pittsfield 6-year-old has been awfully brave over the last year. Konnor Gardner has undergone weekly chemotherapy treatments in Brewer. Now, one charity is rewarding his bravery with a trip he never expected.

On Monday night, Konnor could tell his visit to cousin Axton’s house was no normal play date. He noticed his mother talking to strangers outside. He walked to the door and, with a bright camera light shining in his eyes, and heard two volunteers from “Make a Wish” exclaim, “You’re going to Disney!”

“I was surprised very good. You got me good,” said Konnor.

“It is going to be exciting and peaceful and he well deserves it,” said his Mom Renee. “It has been a year since he has been in chemo and he has done really well.”

The resilient 6-year-old is battling Glioma, a form of brain cancer that puts pressure on his optic nerves. “They have to take a needle and drive it right through your skin,” said Konnor.

His Mom says he’s in good health and the tumor has stopped growing. Now he faces a happier hurdle. “Is it going to be hard to wait a whole month?”

Without hesitation, he exclaimed, “Yes!”

One of the “Make a Wish” volunteers, Cathy Langlais, said, “I think what is so great about it is that often times the wish presents the family with some normalcy.” And for 7 days, Konnor can be a kid, enjoying the company of characters that inspire him through treatment.

“Donald… Mickey,” said Konnor, flipping through pages of a Disney coloring book.

To his family, he’s a superhero. “Ice man,” said his 4-year-old cousin Axton. To us, he’s an inspiration, helping share his story, using super-strength to lift equipment.

“They’re not even heavy,” said Konnor, while insisting to help carry two camera batteries.

He even took over his TV story, using his intellect to ask tough questions, sticking the microphone in front of his cousin he asked, “What’s your favorite truck Axton?”

He’s overcoming a disease that robs some of their sight; he has x-ray vision for perfection. He politely asked to re-tape a portion of an interview he didn’t, saying. “Okay just can you clear that one off and do it again?”

With a heavy sigh, his mother Renee said, “We are very thankful of Konnor’s wish being granted. It is awesome.”