Abandoned Buildings to be Monitored in Bangor 

Bangor City Council is taking the owners of abandoned buildings to task.

Monday night, council approved an ordinance to keep owners in check.

City code enforcement says there are about fifty rundown, unoccupied homes in Bangor.

Many are privately owned or in the foreclosure process.

In the past, the city could only board up buildings deemed unsafe.

The new ordinance will require owners to register their abandoned buildings with the city.

They’ll be required to hire a property manager and pass weekly inspections.

“And really our goal is to work with those properties that are most severely effected and reach out to property owners, so we can have our code enforcement department, our PD, our fire and EMS responders know what’s out there for hazards. Make sure that PD is aware of buildings and secure them. It does put some responsibility on to the property owners as well, in terms of contacting us and letting us know who a contact person is, so if there is a problem with a property we’ll know who to call,” said Director of Community and Economic Development Tanya Emery.

Abandoned property owners will have to pay a $250 fee every six months to help offset costs incurred by the city for labor and materials needed to secure the buildings.

The ordinance takes effect next week.