Log Truck Driver Dies After Crashing into Skowhegan Pizza Hut

Catherine Pegram

Updated 1 year ago

Police say the driver of a logging truck was killed when it slammed into the front of a Pizza Hut in Skowhegan, trapping him underneath the truck.

Michael Morin, 59, owner of Mike Morin Tree-Length Firewood, died at a local hospital.

Police say Morin got out of the truck and was walking toward the restaurant on Madison Avenue about 10:30 Monday morning.

The truck moved forward, rolled over Morin and ran into the building

Skowhegan Police Chief Ted Blais says police are trying to piece it all together.

“We did find a gentleman laying on the ground beneath one of the front tires. At this point we’re still not exactly sure what happened,” said Detective Ronnie Blodgett of the Skowhegan Police Department.

The investigation is still in the initial stages.

The Maine State Police Commercial Vehicle Unit will be doing a complete inspection of the truck to determine if there was a mechanical failure.

  • Linda Bourque

    The World has lost a very great friend,and really productive worker. We Will miss you Mike !!

  • Cornelius Cole

    Wow! That’s All I have to Say! WOW!

  • Pete Bucknam

    Mikes shop was a stones throw from my home. I have bought wood from him on occasion and found him to be an honest hard working man. Running heavy equipment at his shop he would always stop to wave at my family passing by.Good people are always missed and never fogotten. Thanks Mike