A Family-Owned Business in Bangor is Expanding

Updated 1 year ago

Zeth and Betsy Lundy own Central Street Farmhouse.

They just bought the Maine Cloth Diaper Company out of Damariscotta.

With the acquisition, the Lundy’s will maintain the store and the kiosk in Belfast.

They are also expanding their home-brewed beer offerings in Bangor, and will have more to offer online.

The Lundy’s believe their businesses are recession proof.

“There‚Äôs all these different things that young can do that are fun to do and good to do it doesn’t matter if the economy is up or down because you’re saving money while you are doing it as well,” said Betsy Lundy, Central Street Farmhouse.

The Central Street Farmhouse opened in 2010, and has won awards for its products in each of the last two years.

  • todd

    i will drink a homebrew to the continued success of the Lundy’s…a truly fantastic family in Bangor.