Early Absentee Voting Is Underway 

It’s an off-year election, with no major statewide or nationwide races, so numbers at the polls are expected to be low.

But it didn’t stop people from turning out in Bangor for the first day of early absentee voting.

“I just vote for every election,” said Paul Colvorn who was at the polls about two hours after they opened.

Kelsey Richards also was there early “I didn’t see anything that was really something I was passionate about or anything, I just wanted to come out and make sure I put my vote in.”

“We vote every year,”said Kate Collins. Her husband Jack said “basically we’ve never missed a year of voting as far as I know we just feel it’s something we’ve got to do as citizens of the country.”

You can only pick up an absentee ballot between now and Thursday because of the recent changes in state regulations. If you miss out now, you’ll have to wait and vote Election Day unless.

“There are special circumstances,” said Bangor City Clerk Lisa Goodwin. “If there is an emergency or you become sick or your employer calls you out of town, you can obtain an absentee ballot in those circumstances but just because you forgot you can’t get one.”

For those who were the first ones into the voting booth, the early absentee balloting is easier than waiting in line Election Day.

“Isn’t too many people, out at the end, the regular elections you’re jammed,” said Colvorn. “So this makes it a lot easier for me.”

“It was great I was passing through on my way to work,” said Richards. “And I thought I could do that today and get it done with and beat the crowd next week, so I decided to come out today.”

If you have not registered to vote you can still register at the polls but you need a photo ID and proof of residency.