Maine Veterans Honored at Special Ceremony 

Maine veterans of wars past, got some special recognition on Sunday…

Korean War, Cold War, Vietnam, and Persian Gulf veterans all received thank-you’s. Some, long overdue.

“A lot of those veterans came home and didn’t get recognized, and get thanked for their service, so it’s our opportunity to get out there and do that,” explained Director of the Bureau of Maine Veterans Services, Peter Ogden.

The Bureau of Maine Veterans Services held the ceremony to present veterans with certificates of appreciation. They also took the time to recognize a Purple Heart Recipient.

Ogden said taking the time to say thank-you is important, especially for veterans today.

“The big ceremonies coming home today, for a lot of young kids today, are for the National Guard and Reserve Personnel. There is really no big ceremonies for the young kids coming off active duty because they come back individually.”

He also said it gave people the chance to support Maine veterans, not on a Federal level.

“This is our opportunity to do that individually, locally.”

While at the ceremony, some Veterans reflected on their time served.

“It’s not an easy life, but you get your rewards,” said Russell Treadwell.

Veterans hands were shaken, thank-you’s were given, and most importantly, veterans were made sure they haven’t been forgotten.

Treadwell concluded, “I think these… these folks that are here today, my hat’s off to them”