Cosplay Contest held at Local Comic Book Store 

Comic book lovers brought their favorite personas to life on Sunday.

Top shelf comics in Downtown Bangor held a Cosplay contest.

Participants dressed up in their favorite comic book and super hero relayed costumes.

There was a costume contest, where voters submitted their picks for best dressed.

The first place winner says she spontaneously dressed up as Harley-Quinn.

Maggie McArthur said, “I was surprised. Honestly, the costume, I just threw together. I was surprised, because there’s some really great costumes.”

Manager of Top Shelf Comics, Dani Neal stated, “For Halloween you can be so many different things and because we’re a comic book store, we want to see comic book related costumes, and some of them are really, really great. It’s great to see what people come up with, because a lot of people make their own costumes.”

First, second, and third place winners took home stacks of comic books