Drug Take Back Day in State of Maine 

Got drugs?

That was the question law enforcements agencies around the state were asking on Saturday.

It was drug take back day.

Stations were set-up around the state for people to bring any unused or expired drugs no questions asked.

Authorities say they know there is a serious prescription drug problem here in the state.

They say having the drug take back days are beneficial to the community for multiple reasons.

Chief Deputy Troy Martin said, “Medications that may be sitting around the house, that somebody experiments with, tries. Sometimes, you can become a victim of having them in your home, if people know that you have a collection of them. Also, for the environment. A lot of people carry these out back, they put them in the septics, and that’s not a safe way to dispose of medications, so here’s a safe way.”

If you couldn’t make it today many departments in Maine have a 24-hour drop off.

You can contact your local police department for more information.