The Itty Bitty Homemade House 

“Welcome to my little itty bitty house,” said 5-year-old Aria.

It’s only 800 square feet, but to Jennifer Jacques and her family, the little house means something big.

“It’s about creating safe, permanent, affordable, sustainable, modest housing for my daughters and I,” said Jennifer.

They’re not used to staying on one place. Jennifer and her daughters, Asha and Aria, have lived in 18 different homes in the last 13 years.

“And it’s hard to wrap my brain around a permanent place for my daughters and I. I know, because I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about this place, that this is where we’re meant to be,” Jennifer explained.

Jennifer found this old garage and after talking with the owner, he decided to give her the land. Now she’s making it home and asking the community to help — in any way they can.

“I trust people and I’ve had such positive response from this and you have to kind of open yourself up and be a little vulnerable,” said Jennifer.

Jordie and Kimo Mcewen and their kids are just a few of the dozens of volunteers who have helped out.

“Well we’re inspired by her vision, like immediately when she told us about the plan,” said Jordie Mcewen.

People have donated wood, heaters, time, and just today, insulation.

“When I got that phone call, I was in tears. Like I can’t believe that this is happening. That’s so much closer to achieving our goal,” said Jennifer, joy in her eyes.

Their goal is to be home for Christmas. After that, Jennifer plans to give back to all who have given to her.

“I see myself being able to help others in the future because I am on solid ground now not feeling survival mode,” she said.