Getting Around Roundabouts 

You’ve probably come across a few of these while driving through Maine.

” Roundabout, a modern roundabout,” said David Bernhardt, commissioner of the Maine Department of Transportation.

The goal of roundabouts is to keep traffic moving, and make things safer.

” What it does, is it moves traffic very well. Nobody is really sitting, unlike signalized intersections you might be sitting at a red light and there’s no one around,” explained Bernhardt. ” You only have to worry about the person to your left that’s moving around and you wait until you feel comfortable getting in, and once you’re in, you’re in the roundabout and it’s just a matter of getting out on the proper road that you want to leave.”

Maine’s Department of Transportation commissioner says so far, roundabouts are working here.

” Everything we’ve done to date throughout the state where we put a roundabout, we have eliminated the crashes that were there in the past,” said Bernhardt.

When you enter a roundabout, you are supposed to yield.

” You only have to look left when you enter because there’s only people coming from the left,” explained Bernhardt.

When you’re ready to exit, use your turn signal so other drivers know your plan.

It’s also important to note that roundabouts are different than rotaries.

” The old rotary, you came in at a less of an angle, so you kind of were able to go in very quickly, where as a modern roundabout, it’s much slower, brings you in much slower,” said Bernhardt.