Battery Spill Cleaned Up on Ragged Mountain 

Environmental clean up crews spent Thursday on Ragged Mountain in the Camden-Rockport area after a helicopter spilled six large lead acid batteries on the mountain.

The batteries were being flown on Tuesday to the Verizon cellphone tower.

A spokesperson for the Department of Environmental Protection says most of the 100 pound batteries exploded and three of them caught fire.

We’re told 68 pounds of sulfuric gel spilled on the mountainside.

A Verizon spokesperson says initially it was thought the debris and fires covered about 1,ooo feet, but it was actually confined to a much smaller area.

Crews removed soil from the site on Thursday to test it.

The D.E.P says either Verizon or the helicopter company will have to pay for the clean up.

The company says the batteries are used to keep cell service going in case of a commercial power outage, due to something like a winter storm.

Ragged Mountain