Bangor High School Brawl Caught on Tape 

A disturbing video of two girls fighting at Bangor High School was posted to Facebook Tuesday night.

The mother of the 15-year-old girl who was attacked the conflict between the two girls fighting at school started between messages sent to each other through Facebook over the last several days.

Principal Paul Butler says fight between two Bangor High School students started in the morning.

“There was a physical conflict between the two students, and we responded, and managed the conflict in line with our practices. It was a situation where students engaged in a physical conflict, and we’re putting it through our procedures for managing it the best we can,” said Butler.

He says that a nearby on-duty teacher saw the fight happen.

“The first teacher assessed the situation and asked for help from another teacher that was some distance away. The teacher made a judgement call based on their training and what they thought was the best to manage the situation, called for support, and received support . I would support that teacher’s decision in that moment,” said Butler.

The mother of the girl who was attack first saw the fight on Facebook.

“She was like, I was tagged in a video. I said really, and she said yea, it’s all over the internet and I watched it without her, she was actually having X-rays done, and I watched it and wanted to vomit. It’s appalling, you know students standing around, cheering, video taping,” she said.

She says the school has been escorting her daughter to class since the fight occurred, and has been very supportive.

“I thought it was terrible. I couldn’t even imagine getting like thrown to the ground by my hair.The fight went on for awhile before a teacher came up and was like hey. But, nobody tried to say anything,” said eleventh grader, Alyssa Dill.

“I heard about it through school and it was on Facebook later that night, the video of the fight actually happening. I don’t know what it was about, but fighting over stuff like that when they have plenty of resources at the high school where you can sit down and talk it out. The assistant principal, the principal, the guidance counselors there are really good, and I just think it definitely couldn’t been avoided,” said eleventh grader, Stephen Riitano.

Principal Butler said repeatedly that his students are great and this isn’t a clear reflection of them.

He also said they have taken disciplinary action towards all students involved, including those who filmed the fight.

The mother of the 15-year-old who was attacked says the school has been supportive and has escorted her daughter to every class since the fight happened.

She has pressed assault charges.

We’re not sure if the teen has been charged at this time.