Abortion Stigma Discussed at U-Maine 

According to a group supporting sexual health, one in three women living in the United State will have an abortion during their lifetime.

That statistic is the reason why a group of pro-choice students gathered at the University of Maine Wednesday.

They’re looking to combat the stigma surrounding abortion care by taking part in a national campaign.

During the “1 in 3 Week of Action”, men and women will gather around the country to hear personal stories of people’s experiences with abortion.

When asked to comment on the event, a student supporting pro-life choices says their call to curb stigma is on-point.

“Catholics do not hold any stigma or grudges or anything against women who have had abortions. They actually open their arms to them because there is a lot that goes on with abortion. There is emotion, there are a lot of decisions, and it is very hard,” said Jessica Murphy, a pro-life advocate.

“One in three campaign has statistically shown that if a person knows someone who has had an abortion, they are more likely to accept it as something that should be legal and something that should be safe for women to access,” said Shannon Brenner, co-chair of the student women’s association.

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Pro-life supporters say they’re also looking to reinvigorate students to support their cause.

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