Volunteers Build a Library and Museum in Lincolnville 

A small town is making some big changes.

“I think it’s the most exciting thing that’s happened in Lincolnville since my husband and I moved here and that was over 30 years ago,” said Kathleen Oliver, a volunteer Librarian.

Lincolnville is breaking out the saws, hammers and nails.

Volunteers from the community are restoring the town’s old school house.

Last year, about 200 people pulled the old building from one side of Main Street to the other.

President of the town’s Historical Society, Diane O’Brien, said “It was just a wreck of a building, really just a hulk. Two walls and a roof is pretty much what we pulled across the road.”

With a new location, the school house needed a new look.

The town decided to renovate the building into a library, a permanent fixture the town has been lacking.

Thanks to some grants and volunteers, construction is underway.

“You can hear the power tools are going and for most of us we never touched these things before when we started this,” said O’Brien.

Few of the volunteers have experience in construction, actually, the majority of the them are enjoying retirement.

The Historical Society President said, “I think our youngest member is in their 40’s, but most of us are in our 60’s and 70’s.”

The more than 20 volunteers are happy to learn a new trade.

Oliver said she can’t wait to see this empty lot turn into a hub for the community. “We’ll have not only the technology resources, but programming is a huge piece of what we’re doing at the library.”

Along with the library, a group of women are also constructing an Open Air Museum, which will feature agriculture equipment from the town.

The town will show off the new building during an open house this weekend.

There will be a dedication ceremony for the new Open Air Museum at 4pm on Saturday.

Organizers hope to move into the library by January 1st.