Chair Helps Hermon Man Remember Wife 

It’s been a tough few weeks for a man from Hermon, but a winning raffle ticket has brought a little bit of happiness to his family.
David Kelley met the love of his life when he was just a boy.

” Grade school. 7th grade, and she was in 6th grade,” explained Kelley.

He still knows what it was that caught his eye.

” Probably her independence. That catches a lot of guys attention,” Kelley said with a laugh.

In 1953, David went to Korea. He spent 14 months deployed.

” Then I came home, we got engaged, and got married, and went back to Georgia,” said Kelley.

David and Marguerite had five children and lots of good times. Marguerite was an expert with the guitar.

” She let loose down there in Nashville,” remembered Kelley.

The Kelley’s also had their tough times.

” She had uterine cancer, had a hysterectomy, and she got out of that one. The breast cancer was about 8 years ago,” said Kelley.

Mark and Kim McCue are in love, too. They haven’t been together for as many decades as the Kelley’s, but they hope to be.

” When I was first told, I thought, this is it for me,” said Kim McCue.

Kim was diagnosed with breast cancer nearly five years ago. She is ok now, and her husband knew he wanted to do something.

” When I made it, I really had no idea of what I was going to do with it,” said Mark McCue.

He made an adirondack chair in honor of breast cancer patients.

” It’s good. It’s got a story behind it. It’s the story of cancer for different people,” said David Kelley.

David’s wife bought a raffle ticket to win the chair, and she did.

” She’d have jumped for joy, I know she would have. That would have been her chair, that’s for sure,” said Kelley.

Kim McCue pulled Marguerite’s winning ticket on the day David was laying his wife to rest.

” Every time I think of it, I see her sitting there,” said Kelley.

Things got even tougher for Kelley because on the night of his wife’s funeral, his son died.

” It’s a hard story,” said Kelley.

The chair is in the living room for now, but David has other plans for it.

” I’m going to be sitting on it out on that deck come next summer,” said Kelley.

He’ll be sitting in the chair, thinking about his one true love, Marguerite. He’ll also be thinking of his son, who they lost much too soon.

Wednesday would have been David and Marguerite’s 60th wedding anniversary.

The chair was raffled off at Eastern Maine Community College. They money raised went to the Susan G. Komen Foundation.