Burglaries At Bangor Public Library 

For the second time in several days, there’s been a break-in at the Bangor Public Library.

Library employees say late Saturday night or early Sunday morning, more than one person broke in and stole a donation jar from the front desk.

Monday night, they say they believe the same suspects stole a TV monitor, a donated gift that displayed library events and services.

The library is in the middle of a campaign to raise $9 million for renovations, which makes the thefts even more upsetting to employees.

“It’s kind of heartbreaking because we try to give so much to the community and we’re always here with doors open and to help as many people as we can. so we’re upset obviously. we’re working hard to raise this money and this puts us at a setback, but we’re hoping that people will still come forward give gifts and give directly to the library,” said

Library employees say the building does have security cameras. Police are working on leads.

Library staff wants to thank all of those who donated to the change jar. They hope to put another one out soon.