Autism Program Only of its Kind in State 

Kendra Wainer is a mother who knows all about autism.

“My son is four now, his name is Jason, and he was diagnosed, he was two years and two months, about.  He started out with a speech delay.  It was scary in the beginning to think that you have a developmentally delayed child, or a child that isn’t normal,” said Wainer.

She says that with help from multiple resources in the area, Jason’s making good progress.

“To see the work that the people do to get them where they need to be socially, developmentally, behaviorally, it’s just, it’s phenomenal,” she said.

One of Wainer’s resources has been Eastern Maine Medical Center’s Husson Pediatrics. They say they’re doing everything they can to give their autistic patients every advantage necessary.

“When a child is diagnosed with autism, there are services that can be provided both an educational model, and through a medical model, and nowhere else in the state is there a case manager that can support both of those forms of care,” said Dr. Michael Ross, lead physician.

They say it’s all about finding the right kind of care.

“We’ve been able to connect children with services in a more expedited fashion, been able to get children a variety of services both educational and medical domains and our patients have really thrived as a result of this, so we’re extremely happy with how things are going. We are able to do this work through a grant from the Maine Developmental Disabilities Counsel and through some support with Eastern Maine Medical Center,” said Ross.

He says he hopes their program can help as many in the area as possible.

“It’s something that is not only treatable, but effectively changeable. That we can make a huge difference in the lives of children the earlier we intervene. And, this program is a great first step towards that,” said Ross.

If you’d like more information about autism they say to consult your pediatrician.

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