Do You Have the Perfect Pitch? 

Innovators and entrepreneurs are testing out their business plans in front of members of the community for a chance to win some cash.

Oromo, Old Town, UMaine, and Husson University have teamed up to hold a series of networking and pitch-off events.

Organizers say events like this bring together a lot of creative minds, who often work by themselves.

“I ran my business out of my house for thirty years here in town. It’s a very rewarding way to work, but it can also be lonely at times and it’s nice to have a place, a venue, to talk to other people who are doing similar things and exchange ideas and experiences. It’s very helpful,” said Geoff Gordon, Chair of Orono Town Council.

They will be holding events in December, February, and April.

If you want a chance to pitch your business, you can apply on their website.