Brewer Has Big Name Guest Music Teacher 


Students in Brewer have a special guest teacher for a couple of days.

He’s one of the best at what he does.

When they’re done, the teacher and students will collaborate.

For most of his adult life, Roger Ingram played music with some of the biggest names.

“It’s fun, I’m still on the road, but I’m not sharing a tour bus with kids half my age having their first beer, kind of like been there done that,” said Ingram. “Now I’m going to travel with my wife.”

This time he traveled to Brewer to teach students, then perform with them Tuesday night.

“It’s really inspiring,” said Brewer Senior Nate Turner. “The man has played with dozens of big names like Ray Charles, Harry Connick, Junior, Maynard Ferguson, all kinds of people.”

The students spent three hours hanging on his every word, whether it was how to play a note, or about life in general.

“It’s really cool that he can just come in and notice things that we didn’t think were wrong and now we can improve on them,” said Brewer Sophomore Chris Harris.

“Hopefully I can take a lot of the knowledge and wisdom he has to offer and apply it when I’m playing,” Turner added.

Ingram’s ultimate message was about the connection between the performer and the artist. “It’s always for the listener, you want to touch them, you want to make them cry, you want to make them laugh, how expressive can you be, after you’ve learned how to actually play the instrument, how expressive can you be with tempos, dynamics, and all the various nuances that separate one artist from the other. How do you want to touch people?”

The show is Tuesday night at 7:30 at the Brewer Community School. Brian Nadeau’s Queen City Big Band will also perform.

Tickets are $20.