Bangor Public Library Close to $9M Goal 

Holes in the roof and water damage to books prompted the Bangor Public Library to begin a much needed replacement of the roof last June.

Today, the repairs are halfway completed and the library is raising money to fund a full redesign of its interior.

“We want to make sure that we are here for another 100 plus years to support this beautiful new roof,” said Lisa Frazell, with the library.

The entire project costs $9 million– $3 million for the roof – another $3 million for the interior – and the rest for endowment and construction issues. The library has raised $8.4 million so far, and needs to raise the rest by the end of this year.

“It’s definitely a very important part of bangor that we wouldn’t want to see fall by the wayside,” said Frazell.

Inside, the library will get an overall face lift– it will be upgraded with the latest technology, sections like local history will move to a more prominent spot and lighting will be improved all around.

“There’s no rooms within our library walls that are going to be untouched,” Frazell said.

The library’s extensive art collection of more than 300 pieces will be featured in a new gallery, and books will be easier to find for the more than 800 users that come in each day.

“We’re also going to put part of the library in a bookstore mentality. So if you want to find out about parenting or home improvement, you can go to that section as opposed to having to find and know the author,” explained Frazell.

The money is coming from many different sources. Stephen and Tabitha King donated $3 million . Bangor voters approved a $3 million bond.

A $10,000 gift was made last week by a local bank, and $350,000 was given anonymously.

“It’s a historic feature, it’s iconic to the downtown area, it’s really a staple of this community,” said Frazell.

Gifts of all sizes are accepted, six dollars came from a 6-year-old library user.

To make a donation to the Bangor Public Library just call 947-8336