Bangor Company May Close its Doors

Updated 1 year ago

A place for kids to jump around may soon deflate.

The President of the Maine Jump on Hogan Road, Ryan Hatch, said attendance has been dipping over the past few months.

The play place is for children 12 and under and offers things like bounce houses and obstacle courses.

In July, the company finished a $200,000 renovation.

Hatch blames the lack of business on a sluggish economy, although he also admits there may have been some management mistakes. “To put it in perspective, before September and over the last three years, we do about 15,000 people a week. After September 1st, we’re at about 400-600 and the numbers keep dropping,” said Hatch.

The president said he doesn’t want to see his business turn into another vacant building.

If the numbers don’t improve, the Maine Jump could close for good in November.

  • luker

    Can’t understand why attendance would drop that much. Has to be a bigger readon than the economy.

  • Stephanie

    I’d say there was a typo in that. There is no way they ever had 15,000 per week. More like 1,500 makes sense.

  • Jeanie

    Way to costly lots of people complain about the price and Birthday parties the price is crazy! come donw on prices you might see more business!!

  • not concerned

    Maybe makings of their own doing… I run a Bangor Area, Small Community Rec Department. We contacted Maine Jump about an After School Trip for Our Community Students. We asked about a 2 hour rental, once a week. We were told we couldn’t afford it. We did end up taking a Bus Load of 60 participants, on 3 different occasions to Playland Adventure in Brewer. Thanks for the Help Maine Jump.. Good Luck to You!! I have a hard time believing that they donated in excess of $250,000 to Charities either. Sure they are Buttering up for Assistance. Not deserved in my opinion.