Thomas College Continues To Grow 

The growth at Thomas College in waterville is continuing.

Friday afternoon at Thomas College in Waterville, ground was broken on the new Harold Alfond Academic Center and Library. When it’s finished, the new 36,000 square-foot facility will offer students a wide range of new amenities.

“They’ll be a cafe, they’ll be faculty offices, a finance room with the ticker coming right from Wall Street which will be really exciting. And a tiered classroom. It’s just going to just transform us,” said Thomas President Laurie Lachance.

The project has been three years in the making and coincides with the construction of a new residence hall. The hope is, that all of this will make it easier for thomas to accommodate an ever-growing student body.

“We have grown for the last four years but we hit record growth of over 7% this year,” Lachance said.

A large chunk of the funding for the project came from a $5-million matching grant from the Harold Alfond Foundation, who have partnered with Thomas on a number of projects.

“We knew that much had been accomplished and that the bar was high,” said Harold Alfond Foundation Chairman, Greg Powell. “But we were confident that you would raise your aspirations still higher, raise the bar if you will to grow even stronger. and you have done exactly that.”

The buzz over these new additions has hit the student body. Senior Kate Thibodeau has seen the campus grow before her very eyes over the past four years and she’ll be back next year to enjoy the new academic center while working on her masters.

“I’m in business, so the marketing room should be pretty cool,” she said Friday. I know a lot of criminal justice people are excited for the criminology labs and really cool things like that.”

The projects are expected to be finished next fall.