Stockton Springs Community Put the Final Touches on Church Structure 

It took six years, six women and more than $250,000 for a coastal community to see part of their town back intact.

In 2008, the steeple on top of the Stockton Springs Community Church was taken down for safety reasons.

Since then, six woman known as the Steeple People have held fundraisers to re-create the original structure.

On Friday, the final pieces were put in place.

“We have a fantastic community, a great community here on the coast. I just love these people, they love this church and they just wanted to see it get done,” said Steven DeGroft, Senior pastor at the church.

One of the “Steeple People” couldn’t help but smile and take pictures during the process. Mary Jane Costigan said, “It’s been a wonderful experience, but I’m so glad it’s done.”

Community members lined up to touch the spire, something they will probably never be this close to again.

For one long-time member, seeing the steeple standing brings her back home. Costigan said, “You know that feeling when you walk in your kitchen door, I think that’s what it’s going to be like.”

The “Steeple People” say their work is never done and the church could always use some more money.