Richmond Health Center Patients Lose Combined 11,000 Pounds 

Patients at a doctor’s office in Richmond are making remarkable progress losing weight.

Friday afternoon they celebrated their accomplishments.

Thanks to a program developed by the staff at the Richmond Area Health Center, patients have lost over 11,000 pounds combined over the past three years.

The program helps people change their lifestyle through positive reinforcement.

Since the staff started the program back in 20-10 more than 900 patients have taken part in it. That includes Paul Jarochym, who has lost nearly 100 pounds. Jarochym, who also suffers from diabetes, says since his weight loss his doctor has been able to drop his doses of insulin.

“I’m very happy with what’s happened with me,” Jarochym said Friday. “I can look forward to continue losing weight and feeling better about myself and just enjoying a better quality of life since I’ve lost some weight and hope to continue to lose more.”

At Friday’s event the staff at the health center lined up their cars to show folks how much weight their patients have lost using the Star Program.