Port Clyde Honors Boy Lost in Accident 

In August, 9-year-old Dylan Gold was killed after a car hit him and his family when a woman from New York City lost control of her car.

Jim Barstow is the captain and owner of the Monhegan Boat Line. He wasn’t there the day the damage happened, but he says it’s a day this community will probably never forget.

“It was one of those crazy accidents. I mean, don’t know why it happened, and it’s just that it did happen. So, it’s too bad. That poor boy. That poor family. They hurt so bad. The accident, it seems to have brought the whole community together this year,” said Barstow.

They’ll be coming together for Rock the Dock, a Port Clyde tradition. They’re getting ready for the celebration on the pier.

“We bless the fleet, and then we also throw a wreath in memory of all the men that were lost at sea here, from this town and community,” said Barstow.

They’ll also be raising money for LifeFlight and the St. George Ambulance Service in Dylan’s name.

Thomas Judge is a St. George paramedic and the executive director of LifeFlight. He was there that day.

“It was incredible teamwork across multiple agencies that day. We all train for that, we hope it never shows up. On that day we needed it and it was there for us. It was a beautiful afternoon that turned into a tragedy, and whenever there’s a tragedy, the fabric of the community gets torn, and we’re all trying to figure out how to re-weave that fabric,” said Judge.

“We have such a really great community down here. Their support is overwhelming. With such a tragedy, to have such compassion, and empathy, and such a positive outcome come out it . It’s again very overwhelming, very appreciative,” said Candy Davis, a paramedic in St. George.

Everyone is invited to Rock the Dock. It’s from 2pm to 7pm on Saturday.

There’s no charge, but donations are appreciated.