“Fright at the Fort” Returns 

“Fright at the Fort” is back. Thousands are expected to explore the eerie halls of the 19th century granite bastion and on Thursday night a thick fog helped set a paranormal scene on Bucksport Bay.

“Every year we have a new theme and this year its sort of an homage to the black plague, 1347. Let me tell you, you can’t go to your local Halloween store and fine plague materials,” said Friends of Fort Knox President Leon Seymour.

That’s where volunteers from Penobscot Jobs Corps come in. Students are applying their trade for scary set design.

“Each person draws from their own nightmares and what scares them to try and build a product that is going to hopefully entertain other people,” said job corps recreation specialist Corey Grant.

One student is preparing a stunt where sparks will electrify the cage he’s trapped it. But the amateur welder isn’t afraid.

“I already have a risk of sending myself through a wall there, why not here,” said Andrue Leach.

But a controversial safety plan, funded by a federal grant, could change the historic view and make this year’s fright the last of its kind. Friends of the Fort say what scares them the most is actually marks like this right here, indicating where fencing will be put in, in the near future.

“You know we just believe it is an unfortunate situation but the Friends of Fort Knox will continue to always operate in the best interest if Fort Knox,” said Seymour.

“Fright at the Fort” starts Friday night.

It runs Friday and Saturday this week and next.

The tours start at 5:30 pm and run until 9 pm.

Tickets cost $10 for adults, $5 for children under 12.

For $12 you can skip the line with an express ticket.

For more information call the Friends of Fort Knox at 469-6553.