Ellsworth PD Busts Mobile-Meth Lab 

Suspicious activity in the Hampton Inn parking lot Thursday night in Ellsworth prompted a hotel employee to call the police. Friday, the investigation led them to Hancock County’s first methamphetamine lab.

“We found some drugs and drug paraphernalia in the room along with a large amount of cash,” said SGT Glenn Mosher with Ellsworth Police.

Ellsworth Police arrested three people who were staying in the room, 29-year-old Jessica Jones of Fort Fairfield, 22-year-old Ezra Brady of Bridgewater and 31-year-old Jesse Sawyer of Linneus– Police say all three have extensive criminal histories.

During their investigation Ellsworth Police came out to the parking lot where they found a vehicle containing materials for manufacturing methamphetamine and then nearby they found a pick up truck with what police call an “active cook” inside.

Inside the car police found rubber tubing, aluminum foil, plant fertilizer, Coleman fuel, and bottles with chemicals. Police say the truck had plates registered to another vehicle, and inside was a “one pot cook” under the seat… a plastic soda bottle containing chemicals. Police closed most of the hotel parking lot for safety.

“Methamphetamine, the manufacturing of it is extremely dangerous the chemicals that are used and the chemical reactions that take place can cause explosions and have been known to cause explosions,” said SGT Mosher.

The Maine Drug Enforcement Agency dismantled the mobile-meth-lab and collected evidence. The Department of Environmental Protection was on scene to dispose of the hazardous chemicals.

“The first and foremost is the safety of the officers that have to go in and seize the evidence so that’s why you see them in these chemical resistant suits as well as self contained breathing apparatus,” said MDEA Director, Roy McKinney.

It took MDEA agents hours to get the job done. Police say this is the 12th methamphetamine lab they’ve found in Maine this year. They found 14 last year.