A Family is Reunited with a Little Help from TV 5 

Man’s best friend is home with her owner, thanks in part to a TV 5 story.

In July, Steven Bauer lost a part of his family.

While he was on vacation, Bauer’s dog Meeka ran away from his home in Jackman.

But this week, TV 5 aired a story featuring a special pup.

“I had gotten a phone call, saying they’d seen her on TV and why was she in the Waterville humane society and I was shocked and excited at the same time,” said Bauerm “I had to look on the website and sure enough it was her.”

Meeka has been at the Waterville Humane Society since she went missing.

Employees were ecstatic to see the family reunion Thursday morning.

Waterville Humane Society Senior Dog Tech, Katrina Lavoie, said “I was coming out the door and her back was to him and he spoke her name and she turned around and I had to let go of the leash cause I knew my arm was going to go with it if I didn’t.”

Bauer said, “It was amazing. She knew exactly who I was when I called her name.”

Owner reunions aren’t too unusual, but for a dog to be missing for three months and come from about 100 miles away…that’s pretty rare.

“When the owners come to get them and they reunite, we get that warm fuzzy feeling. It’s great,” said Lavoie.

Now, Meeka is equipped with a microchip, should she ever go missing again.

“If you’re dog’s not chipped please, please feel free to come down and get it chipped were more than welcomed to do it for you,” said the senior dog tech.

This owner is just happy to have his family back.

“I’m going to have to get used to having her by my side again but I love her,” said Bauer.

First things first, these two have a lot to catch up on.