Foresters Focus on Maine’s Wood Industry 

Foresters from around the state met in Orono Tuesday to talk about Maine’s wood industry.

The Maine Division of the New England Society of American Foresters hosted the conference.

The idea was to highlight the part of the industry that doesn’t get as much attention as others – the men and women working in the woods, supplying businesses with raw materials.

Participants say the Maine wood products sector is doing well, despite what some people might think.

They’d like to see that mindset change.

Collin Miller with the Northern Forest Center says, “I┬áthink just the awareness that people should take over where their products come from. When they’re at the supermarket and they actually notice the local apples, well, chances are, that bin was made locally, too, that those apples sit inside. So just being more aware of that.”

Foresters also talked about ways to process more of the state’s harvest and then keep it in Maine.

Statistics from the Maine Forest Service say 25-percent of all sawlogs and 12-percent of all pulpwood are exported to other states or countries.