Hampden Program Helps Seniors with Memory Issues 

Brian Ross says his mother, Josephine, has dementia.  He says it’s like her memory is at capacity.

“It’s strictly, at this point, a case of new memories aren’t necessarily taking hold,” says Ross.

He’s been her caretaker for about a year now.

They say that even though she lives on a private road, she feels comfortable in her Hampden home.

She says not only does her son and neighbors check on her almost daily, law enforcement in town looks in on her, too.

“I’ll hear a car outside and they’ll be just checking and just wave to me as they go by. It’s nice to know that there is someone looking around,” she says.

Hampden Public Safety is taking their senior welfare checks to another level.

They’re implementing their  new Good Neighbor Program.

“The three main objectives of the program is to identify, monitor, and assist by providing resources, to people that are suffering from Alzheimer’s, dementia, and other memory impairment issues,” says Sergeant Christian Bailey of the Hampden Police Department.

The volunteer program is designed to provide members of public safety with secure, up-to-date information.
“Having information about the individual, their description of what they look like, the type of vehicle that they may drive, contact information, a recent photo. It allows us, if for some reason an unfortunate event happens where they do wander, and a family member, or friend calls us, we have that information quickly,” says Bailey.

“They could be diabetic, there just could be memory issues, there could be a major condition that we’re not aware of.  Now, we have at least an idea of what we’re dealing with. It’ll take away a lot of the question and answer period that that individual might not be able to answer for us,” says Lieutenant Frank Coombs of the Hampden Fire Department.

It’s a program Ross says puts his mind at ease if something were to happen to his mother.

“If something does happen, and she’s recognized, I will be identified, or, notified immediately. It brings back the smaller village again. Everybody looking out for everybody else,” says Ross.

Participant forms can be picked up at Hampden Public Safety at 106 Western Avenue.

You can also find it online at

Participants will be visited by a member of the public safety department.

They’ll also receive a packet of resources from the Eastern Area Agency on Aging.