Farmington Homeless Shelter Eyes November Opening 

A new homeless shelter will soon be opening in Farmington. It’s a facility that unfortunately is badly needed in Franklin County.

The shelter will be located at the Living Waters Assembly of God Church in Farmington where they’ve been taking in the homeless on a much smaller scale for the past few years. They had designated one room with a couch and two beds for people who needed a place to stay.

But over time, Steve Bracy the pastor at Living Waters, says the homeless population in Franklin County has far exceeded the number of people they could fit in this room.

“Most of the public really doesn’t see or know that we have as great a need as we do have. They hide. They’re on couches, surfing couches, living in cars, you don’t see them,” Bracy said Monday.

Over the past few months, the folks here have raised almost $20,000 to renovate part of the church, building what will be the only homeless shelter in Franklin County.

“It was interesting, a bunch of community folks got together, some great organizations and started talking about it and the ball just started rolling.”

The shelter will sleep 30-35 people with the focus on homeless families. Folks staying here will have the use of this kitchen and a play room for kids. Due to the demand for shelter space, They won’t be taking in single men.

They’re hopeful to be up and running by the first of November, but there’s still a lot of work to be done. They need to finish installing smoke and carbon monoxide detectors and there’s other finishing touches needed to bring the shelter up to code…they also need to assemble all the beds and train their volunteers.

“In fact, we have a waiting list. people that we need to call as soon as the doors open and unfortunately turning people away because we’re not ready.”

Thanks to a matching donation from an anonymous donor, any donations made by the general public will be matched up to $5,000. Anyone wanting to make a donation or volunteer at the shelter can call 778-6190.