Burrito Shop Opening in Bangor 

There will soon be another place to eat in downtown Bangor.

Four years ago, Heather and Abe Furth brought burritos to Maine.

” I think it’s quick and healthy, and it’s a full meal all in one,” explained Heather Furth.

The couple opened Verve in downtown Orono and now, they’re trying their luck in Bangor.

” I feel like we’re coming in at a time when Bangor’s very busy and there’s a lot going on and we’re very excited to have a part of that,” said Abe Furth.

The Bangor location looks a lot like the one in Orono, except it’s bigger.

“It’s been really fun to bring this building back to life and make it a viable part of the community again,” said Heather Furth.

Bangor’s Verve will be open later than the store in Orono, and it’s offering something the owners say no other restaurant in Bangor has; wine on tap. They will also serve beer.

” I think it’s nice, especially when you go out to dinner to be able to have a beer with your burrito,” said Heather Furth.

This week, the finishing touches are being put in place.

” Other business owners have been wonderful and we feel really welcomed by the community of people,” said Heather Furth.

You’ll be able to stop by for a bite sometime next week.

Verve in Bangor will be open from 8am to 8pm.