Bangor Kennel Raises $2500 for Rabies Challenge Fund 

A local kennel looking to raise awareness about the Rabies vaccine is making a big donation toward that effort.

Green Acres Kennel Shop in Bangor spent the last few weeks collecting money for The Rabies Challenge Fund.

In all, the owners donated $2,505 to the fund.

Customers contributed about half of that.

Don and Paula Hanson then matched it.

The money will help education pet owners about the potential for severe reactions to the Rabies vaccine.

The Hanson’s dog, Tikken, who died early this year, was almost killed by the vaccine when she was four.

Don Hanson says, “I’m quite sure that Tikken is looking down from the rainbow bridge wagging her tail at the success we’ve had. She knew many of the people that came into the store, they knew her and, to us, this is the best memorial we could do for her.”

The Rabies Challenge Fund is also working to change the law so animals are not required to get a rabies shot as often.