Bangor Bomb Squad Finds Cinder Block at Restaurant 

Bangor police say a cinder block wrapped in paper prompted the bomb squad to show up at a restaurant Monday morning.

Police got a call about a suspicious package on the lawn of Dunkin Donuts on Hogan Road.

A customer reported it to the manager who said it wasn’t outside when she opened the store.

Police closed off the road around the area, evacuated nearby buildings and called in the bomb squad.

They used a robot to check the package so it could be x-rayed.

Sgt. Jim Buckley says, “The idea is to do this as remotely as possible to keep people safe and the x-ray to see what’s in there before we move it. Once we’re fairly sure there was nothing dangerous in there, we still used the robot to open up the packaging materials so we could see inside.”

The package was collected as evidence.

Technicians will see if they can get fingerprints or D-N-A off it and review security video.

They say charges will depend on if police can determine if the package was accidentally left behind or put there on purpose.