EMCC Faculty Helps Students Strive Towards Success 

Students at Eastern Maine Community College have a new space to focus on their achievements.

“I’ve worked here for nearly 20 years and this is perhaps the biggest student focus that we’ve ever embarked upon,” said Liz Russell, Dean of Student Success at EMCC.

It’s called the success center.

Russell said, “We’ve got everything here from peer tutoring, peer mentoring, supplemental instruction. We offer disability services as well as a lunch and learn program.”

EMCC student and tutor, KT Connors, said “They give us the tools they need to be able to be successful tutors and be successful studiers in their own rights.”

The center allows students to step away from a traditional library.

Now they can socialize, study and strive.

“This isn’t a place for students who are struggling, it’s a place for students who want to be successful,” said Russell.

In addition to the success center, staff and faculty members have created a Crisis Management Team for students, called “CBIT.”

Director of Administrative and Student Services at the school, Dan Belyea, said “We want to catch a student before they’re in crisis because when students are in crisis and depart with us they’re not successful here anymore.”

The team includes staff members from all over the campus community.

They can offer resources like counseling or even more intense methods.

“Students sometimes have issues and just because they have those issues that may prevent them from being successful, we can coordinate all of those services together the student really grows and prospers,” said Belyea.

The main goal is to maintain a safe and healthy campus.