Bangor Business Held a Yard Sale for Sarah’s House 

Folks at a Bangor business raised a big chunk of change in honor of a former co-worker.

Better Homes and Gardening in Bangor held a yard sale and raffle over the summer to raise money for Sarah’s House in Holden.

They raised more than $10,000 dollars.

It’s going to be a place to stay for people undergoing treatment at the Lafayette Family Cancer Center in Brewer.

It was the vision of Sarah Robinson, who had cancer and died last year.

Her sister, Lindsay Turner, is doing everything she can to make her sister’s dream a reality.

“To have the money is essential because without the contribution from organizations like this one that do community events and raise the money we wouldn’t exist. We’re very grass roots lead and a lot of people in the community know the benefit that Sarah’s House is going to have for the community and people just pitch in,” said Lindsay Turner, Campaign Committee Chair, Sarah’s House of Maine.

Thursday night at a dinner in Holden the Old Town Rotary Club presented a check for $140,000 dollars.

Next Friday, there will be an event held at the Chowder House in Eastport called pinktober.

We’re told proceeds from that event too will go towards Sarah’s House.