Urgency Mounts As Shutdown Drags On 

Today in Augusta, Maine’s Finance Commissioner, Sawin Millett briefed lawmakers on the issues facing the state if the government shutdown is not resolved soon.

Friday, Governor LePage sent a letter to all department heads telling them to start taking steps to suspend all federally funded services that are not exempted.

Programs or employees dealing with public and health and safety are among those on the short list to be spared. Hundreds of Mainers have already been temporarily laid off.

Monday, 56 DHHS employees were sent home until the federal government re-opens.

“But that leads me to a third word that is driving all of us to exhaustion and that is the urgency of getting information in and decisions out and dealing with the day to day crisis’ that arise that you would hope wouldn’t come about but now that you’re into it you realize you’re sitting on some really ticking time bombs,” Millett said.

Millet says the urgency is mounting at places like the DEP, The Department of Agriculture and the Department of Marine Resources as the shutdown drags on.