EMMC in Bangor Changing Blood Centers 

Eastern Maine Medical Center is changing blood centers.

Hospital officials say they’ve ended their contract with the American Red Cross.

Now, they are partnering with Puget Sound Blood Center.

The hospital says it will save a lot of money.

EMMC’s Patient Blood Management Program’s stated goal is to minimize patient exposure to transfusions, using them only when absolutely needed.

“Puget Sound Blood Center, because they’re both a blood center, and a transfusion service, they’re a centralized transfusion service for hospitals in their region, they share the same philosophy, so our contractual arrangement with Puget Sound aligns those clinical needs with our blood supplier,” said Irwin Gross, Medical Director of Patient Blood Management and Transfusion Services.

Hospital officials say blood services is separate from the rest of the Red Cross mission.

They say it doesn’t mean a loss of jobs for people locally.

The Red Cross says it regrets that EMMC has decided to contract with an alternative blood provider, but thanks them for their continued support through holding blood drives.