Exeter Woman Sentenced For Part in Corinth Burglary 

An Exeter woman is facing nine months behind bars for her part in a convenience store burglary in Corinth.

Peterson, Rosemary 6-25-12

Rosemary Peterson pleaded no contest in Bangor Monday.

She was found guilty of burglary and theft.

Criminal mischief and arson charges were dismissed.

Police say four people backed a stolen truck through the front doors of the store, took cigarettes and lottery tickets, then set the truck on fire in June 2012.

“Over the weekend we were able to obtain additional discussions with the district attorney, and our investigators, and what not, so that ultimately, we were able to reach an agreement on some lesser charges for her,” said her attorney, Laurence Willey.

“The state police put a lot of time, and effort, into that case, and there were four defendants, it was a big crime, and they did a great job in investigating, and I think it became apparent over time that all four of these people were involved, including Rosemary Peterson,” said District Attorney, Chris Almy.

When she’s released, Peterson will be on probation for two years.