EAAA Finalists in National Contest 

Ruth Randall loves her kitty Zackie. He lost a leg after being hit by a car before she adopted him. Now, they’re helping each other find happiness.

“Sometimes I get depressed and just having to do for him, it takes it right away and I feel loved by him,” she said/

She’s basically homebound so taking care of him isn’t always easy.

About a month ago she started getting help from the Eastern Area Agency on Aging’s Furry Friends Food Bank Program.

Since 2007 they’ve been helping seniors they service feed their pets.

“We have many volunteers through this program. They will come and pick up the food and take it to the area homes, so that helps out a great deal, especially with people who are home bound<‘ said the program coordinator, Lori Diadone.

They’re a finalist in Toyota’s 100 Cars for Good program.

It will award 100 nonprofit organizations based on votes from the public.

The lucky winners will get a van.

“The van would service us, we would be able to deliver food, we have list food, at times, because we have been able to get to the store quick enough to pick it up, or what not, but now, if we had a van, it probably would be driven by volunteer drivers,” said Diadone.

After delivering around forty thousand pounds of pet food just last year, it’s a program seniors like Ruth and her cat Zackie have come to depend on.

“Pets are really one good thing in life, and I love my cat. I really do. And, I am so happy that I have somebody that helps me, and I’m thankful for them,” said Randall.

You can vote on October 8th by clicking here.