Cpl. Robert Tait Laid to Rest 

Korean war POW Corporal Robert Tait was finally laid to rest in his home of Bar Harbor 62 years after his death.

“He’s a true American hero who has paid the ultimate sacrifice for our freedoms,” said First Lady Ann LePage

“Having served in Korea myself having walked on the same ground as this gentleman did. I felt it a duty to come and just be here for this,” Said Korean War Vet, George McCann.

Tait was given full military honors, his older sister Iona Strout was presented with the American flag.

“Well it’s unbelievable. It’s unbelievable. But that’s the way war is you never know,” said Korean War vet Joseph Ouellette.

Said Joseph Ouellette, who’s known the Tait family for more than 50 years.

Governor LePage gave condolences to Tait’s sister and said this shows the true heart of the armed service.

“It was really nice to meet them it was really great,” said Governor LePage

“After 62 years of being away we brought him home and that’s the mark of our military want to and work towards bringing all these soldiers home,” LePage said.

Korean Vets traveled from around the state to honor the POW and make sure he’s never forgotten.

“A long time. It’s hard to imagine, it’s hard to imagine it’s that long ago,” said McCann.