Community Stepping Up to Support Child Battling Brain Cancer 

About two weeks ago, two-year-old Tripp Murray started having issues with his balance and his eyes weren’t lining up.

“So, we took him into the emergency department at Eastern Maine and they did a CAT scan within the first hour and found a brain tumor,” said Kimberly Tripp, his mother.

His parents decided the best option for their son would be the Boston Children’s Hospital.

There little tripp underwent brain surgery.

“They got 90% of the tumor. It was two and a half inches, and they left the other 10% in his branched out cerebellum and his brain stem, so we’re just waiting on the results of what kind of cancer it is,” said Tripp.

Tripp’s dad was in Vermont training with the national guard when he heard the news.

“They rushed me right home that night and I went straight to the hospital and I stayed in the hospital that night,” said Joe Murray, Tripp’s father. “Any time you see your kid in a johnnie it’s usually not a good thing, and especially after the surgery, during his recovery, he was a lot different then the boy that I’d left to go to Vermont. Watching him improve has definitely helped. Now that he’s home and I can see him and it’s not in a hospital with a johnnie on and stuff it’s a lot easier.”

The next step is chemotherapy.

“In about a month here, or so, we’ll be starting chemo,” said Murray.

In the short time since tripp was diagnosed, the family has seen an outpouring of love and support from the community.

“My stepmother and sister stated a page on Facebook called Tripp’s Team and it’s up to almost 2000 likes now, and there’s been people that we know, people we haven’t known that have sent us messages,” said Murray.

Balancing is still a bit hard for Tripp. His sisters can’t wait for the little guy to be back on his feet.

“He likes to run and I love to chase him and he can run really fairly,” said Kylee.

Although they say it still feels like a dream, his family is prepared to do everything they can to help battle such a rare condition for their two year old.

“They have informed us that it is an aggressive kind, so they’re trying to best it now so were staying hopeful so I’m going back and forth to Boston as many times as they tell me that I need to. Hopefully, we can beat this and this will be a time that I will remember and he won’t have to worry about it.”

There are several fundraisers planned to help Tripp’s family.

Including Tips for Tripp.

On Monday, October 14th, the servers at Denny’s on Hogan Road in Bangor are raising money.

They’re donating their tips made from 4 p-m to 8 p-m.

For more info on other events planned and ways to donate search Tripp’s Team on Facebook.